@ScottCate (Scott Cate) during this year's Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

April 21, 2019 ยท 2 minutes read

The 2018/2019 “Microsoft Ignite | The Tour” global event recently completed in Mumbai.

The event took place in 17 cities around the world. Myself and other advocates joined forces with MVPs and Microsoft product specialists and experts to share current thinking around how to build amazing systems and services in the cloud and how to keep them up and running reliably.

In the coming weeks I’ll provide a full retrospective on the event and the seven cities I had the pleasure of visiting while on tour.

This event wouldn’t have been such a huge success without a large coordinated effort from many stakeholders all over the world.. and there are many people to acknowledge and thank for pulling it off so well!

While on our Amsterdam stop, I was able to find time to chat with several of my teammates about “The Tour”, their role, what topics they were sharing, and other things going on their lives.

My first interview was with Scott Cate.

As Scott puts it, he not only helped coordinate the topics and learning paths of most of the content but also often acted as a “speaker manager”. Constantly making sure all of us were prepared, rehearsed, and focused on the task at hand - empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Now that the tour is over, Scott is already eyeballs deep planning for the next one, coordinating content, speakers, and more. I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing global event again later this year.

Check out our interview above.

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