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April 21, 2019 ยท 2 minute read

Rick Claus - Microsoft Azure Advocate

I’ll never forget my very first day on campus as a full-time Microsoft Azure Advocate.

Especially my first “real” meeting with members of my team - a discussion around the process of updating documentation found on Microsoft Docs!

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was sitting around a table with others reviewing how we could submit changes and new content to online resources used by so many.

Leading the conversation was Rick Claus.

After our meeting, (and a great conversation with Jeffrey Snover around how we can impact the world through improved documentation) we all ventured down to one of the restaurants found on campus to grab some food and chat about things not related to technical documentation. This is where I learned that Rick, like me, is a huge fan of craft beer and gadgets.

“We’re going to get along really well”,

I thought to myself.

Fast forward nine months and Rick and I have had a number of amazing opportunites to share our expertise around the world, as well as a couple of tasty fermented beverages.

Currently, Rick, myself, and a number of others on the advocacy team are exploring ways in which we can bridge the gap between how (and why) IT operations teams in enterprises and small businesses do their work.

The modern principles and practices introduced through devops and site reliability engineering aren’t always easily understood or even applicable to everyone we chat with.

Not everything we demonstrate and advocate for can be implemented or even pursued for a large part of our community.

It’s a huge challenge, but one that people like Rick and myself are willing to continue working on.

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