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September 14, 2021 ยท 3 minutes read

Accessing Key Vault secrets from an Azure Kubernetes Cluster

Demystify Apache Spark with Azure Synapse Analytics

Using Custom Vision To Identify Cats and Dogs with Mikolaj Sienkiewicz

Fresh New Demos on Azure Static Web Apps and Durable Functions

Creating your first serverless API using Azure Functions

Serverless Azure Functions in NET with Brandon Minnick

From Zero to Cloud in Java

Updating Your Brand With Static Web Applications

Grab your Wine, Lets Demystify Machine Learning

NoSQL for Relational Thinkers

All Around Azure Ignite Recap

How To Start Coding When You Don’t Know Where To Start

Securing our Serverless Apps on Azure

Three Ways to Deploy Your App on Azure

Little Timers Everywhere

All Around Azure Unplugged

Azure Migration Options Enterprise Tooling in a Cloud World

Serverless Queue Triggers and Queue Outputs with .NET

Catching Secrets In Your GitHub Repos

Hello World: Monday February 22nd

Hello World: Monday June 7th

Hello World: Monday May 26th

Hello World: Monday March 1st

Hello World: Monday March 22nd

Hello World: Monday April 18th

Hello World: Monday March 15th

Hello World: Monday April 5th

Hello World: Monday March 8th

Hello World: Monday May 3rd

Hello World: Monday April 12th

Rolling Your Own Jitsi Service on Azure

Building a Static Website Using Hugo, Azure storage, and Netlify

Part 2: Building a Static Website with Hugo, Azure Storage, and Netlify

Creating Your First Serverless API with Azure Functions

Deploying a Serverless URL Shortener with Azure Functions

Analyze Tweets with Azure Machine Learning Studio, Jupyter, and Cosmos DB

Creating Service Level Indicators (SLI) with Log Analytics

Taking AI Models to the Next Level with Azure Machine Learning Best Practices

Tutorial: Uploading Images to Azure Storage

Intro to Version and Source Control with git and GitHub

Skylines Academy: Demystifying DevOps

Azure Fireside Chats: Embracing the DevOps Philosophy

Monitoring Your Infrastructure and Applications in Production

Devops Road Trip 2019

Deployment Practices for Greater Reliability

Static Website Walk Through

Detecting Application Anomolies with Telemetry

Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

DevopsDays Boise 2016: The Unrealized Role of Monitoring and Alerting

DevopsDays New York City: The Benefit of a Systems Lens (Ignite 5 minute talk)

DevopsDays Toronto 2017: Beyond the Mean Time to Repair

DevOpsDays Nashville: Flaming Poo and the Human Response

DevopsDays Edinburgh: Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

REDTalks : Getting Started with Chatops

SauceCon2017 Keynote: Cognitive Bias and It’s Impact on Continuous Imrovement

DevopsDays Seattle 2016: Understanding Cognitive Bias Found in Judgement and Choice

ChefConf Interview 2016: With Andi Mann

DevopsDays Sillicon Valley 2016: Flaming Poo and the Human Response

Iterate PHX 2015 Keynote: A DevOps Philosophy

OSCON 2016: ChatOps: Infrastructure As Conversation

DevOpsDays Denver Interview

DevOps: Plumbing the Last Mile

ChatOps Unplugged: A Beginner’s Guide

VictorOps Webinar: Real World Chatops

ChatOps: The New Interface of DevOps

How Postmortems Can Close the Loop on IT Metrics

Tips & Tricks to Reduce TTR for the Next Incident

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015: Interview

Making On-call Suck Less with VictorOps

Coming … All Around Azure Global Event on Microsoft Developer Youtube