Microsoft Ignite | The Tour 2019

May 23, 2019 ยท 2 minute read

Azure Fundamentals

Track Presentation
FUN10 - Discovering Microsoft Azure
FUN20 - Azure Networking Basics
FUN30 - Discovering Azure Tooling & Utilities
FUN40 - Azure Security Basics
FUN50 - Storing Data in Azure

Building and Maintaining Your Hybrid Cloud

Track Presentation
HYB10 - Planning and implementing hybrid network connectivity
HYB20 - Securing your Azure environment
HYB30 - Maintaining your environment
HYB40 - Governing your Azure environment
HYB50 - Business continuity planning

Building Your Applications for the Cloud

Track Presentation
DEV10 - Designing resilient cloud applications
DEV20 - Deploying your application faster and safer
DEV30 - Detecting application anomalies with Telemetry
DEV40 - Selecting the right data storage strategy for your cloud application
DEV50 - Investing in Serverless: less servers, more code

Getting the Most out of your Data

Track Presentation
DAT10 - Dealing with massive data ingestion
DAT20 - Operationalizing your new inventory management Machine Learning Model
DAT30 - Using artificial intelligence to augment data
DAT40 - Running Machine Learning experiments on inventory management
DAT50 - Operationalizing your new inventory management Machine Learning Model

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Track Presentation
MIG10 - Migrating web applications to Azure
MIG20 - Moving your database to Azure
MIG30 - Deploying your application faster and safer
MIG40 - Modernizing your application with containers and Serverless
MIG50 - Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service

Operating Applications & Infrastructure in the Cloud

Track Presentation
SRE10 - Modernizing your infrastructure: moving to Infrastructure as Code
SRE20 - Monitoring your infrastructure and applications in production
SRE30 - Diagnosing failure in the cloud
SRE40 - Scaling for growth and resiliency
SRE50 - Responding to and learning from failure

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