@pythiccoder (Ari Bornstein) during this year's Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

April 21, 2019 ยท 1 minute read

Ari Bornstein - Microsoft Azure Advocate

Every time I get to hang out with Ari is a good work trip. The moment I saw him carrying around a copy of Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast & Slow”, I knew we would get along well.

Aside from behavorial economic theory, Ari and I have had the pleasure of connecting on several stops during the Microsoft Ignite | The Tour and I’m looking forward to teaming up with him on a few artificial intelligence projects - something I’m starting to explore more myself.

Check out some of the fantastic content Ari provided to the tour as well as some of the other things he’s working on below.

Tour Presentations:

Azure Fundamentals

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