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Jason Hand

Jason Hand is a Senior Cloud Advocate working on the Global Event, Launch, and Content (ELC) team within the Developer Relations organization at Microsoft.

Playing a key role in defining, designing, and launching engineering projects, processes, and live events, Jason works with leadership in the DevRel Studios, Global ELC, and Cloud Advocacy teams, to drive continuous improvement of the backend infrastructure, tooling, process, documentation, and education of users to deliver impactful live events and content to a global audience 24 hours a day.

Jason regularly plays the role of host, producer, editor, and co-Project Manager for All Around Azure, The Launch Space, and many other live shows and events on Learn TV, including Hello World - Microsoft’s daily live show first airing on February 22nd, 2021.

Prior to the elimination of travel and in-person events, Jason’s core role was developing and delivering scalable content and documentation for Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Ignite the Tour, and various conferences and community events around the world.

A member of the Cloud Advocate “Polymath Team”, he was responsible for the creation and delivery of dozens of on stage presentations and demonstrations to educate and inspire large audiences on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in over 20 cities globally.

Jason is the co-founder and host of “The Community Pulse”, a podcast on building communities in tech, bringing together industry experts in Developer Relations and Community Management each month since September of 2015.

Regularly appearing on podcasts and livestreams, Jason loves to share thoughts on DevOps, ChatOps, Learning Reviews, and SRE, live game coding, preparing for Cloud Computing Certifications with Microsoft Student mentees, and more.

He has authored numerous books including “ChatOps For Dummies”, “Post Incident Reviews: Learning From Failure”, and “ChatOps: Managing Operations in Group Chat”.

Jason also served as Technical Editor for “DevOps For Dummies” and most recently contributed a piece to the ”97 Things Every SRE Should Know” essay collection.

Previously working as DevOps Evangelist for the VictorOps Product team, Jason played a key role in the strategic roadmap and public relations of the Software as a Service leading up to their acquisition by Splunk.

Co-founder of DevOpsDays Rockies, Front Range SRE, and Mile High Bluegrass, Jason loves tapping into his creativity, curiousity, and passion for bringing together diverse and inclusive communities where people can learn and empower each other.

Jason lives in Colorado spending his free time with loved ones camping, paddle boarding, and performing Bluegrass music.

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